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Planning and Planting Your Home Fruit Tree Orchard, From Apples and Peaches to Pawpaw

Emma and Nate discuss planning a home fruit tree orchard, from selecting and preparing your orchard site to choosing varieties, planting and care of young trees. Pawpaw is the episode’s featured plant.

Supporting Birds In Your Yard and Garden, plus Bareroot Trees and Common Hackberry

Wildlife biologist Matt Tarr joins Emma and Nate for a conversation about supporting birds around the home. Emma also adds bonus segments on hummingbirds, bare root trees and the episode’s featured plant - common hackberry.

All things trees! (part 2) Pruning and Solving Tree Problems, Plus Frost Cracks, White Oak and Wood Chips

Forester Greg Jordan joins Emma and Nate for part 2 of a 2-part episode on trees, focusing on pruning and tree problems, with bonus segments on frost cracking and wood chips with white oak as the episode’s featured plant.

Landscape Trees (part 1): Selection, Planting, Transplanting and Care

Forester Greg Jordan joins Emma and Nate to talk all things landscape trees in a two-part episode. Part 1 focuses on selection, planting, transplanting, transporting, and general care.

Extending the season and overwintering garden veggies, winter sowing, lovage, and putting the garden to bed

Becky Sideman talks season extension and overwintering veggies, Emma Erler answers a question about winter sowing and frost seeding, and Nate Bernitz shares tips for putting the garden to bed.

Fall Gardening for Rewards Next Year: Bulbs, Garlic and Lawns

Emma and Nate chat about fall planting and gardening, sharing proven tips and solutions for spring blooming bulbs, luscious lawns and bountiful garlic.

Supporting Animals and Sustaining the Land in the Backyard and on the Homestead

Livestock specialist Elaina Enzien joins Nate and Emma for a fascinating discuss keeping farm animals in your backyard. And Emma's featured plant is jimsonweed (Datura stramonium).

Vines in Northeast Gardens and Landscapes

Emma and Nate explore the fascinating, beautiful and occasionally itchy world of vines, both those you might find in the wild and those you can cultivate for fruits and blooms.

Growing in Tough Spots and Situations

Emma and Nate problem solve on gardening and landscaping in tough spots and situations, from dry shade to compacted slopes.

Celebrating Pollinator Week: Supporting Bees in your Yard and Garden

Emma and Nate celebrate pollinator week by talking about protecting and supporting bees in yards and gardens.

Managing Insect Pests in the Vegetable Garden, Ground Cherries and Choosing Your Battles

Emma and Nate are joined by Anna Wallingford to talk about insect pests in the vegetable garden including Colorado potato beetle, cutworms, squash vine borer, tobacco hornworm, aphids and more.

The Time to Plant: Garden Center Shopping Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

Emma, Nate and Rachel visit a local garden center and share their thoughts on shopping for plants and garden supplies just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

Choosing and Using Fertilizers in the Yard and Garden

Emma and Nate are joined by researcher Becky Sideman to talk fertilizers for the yard and garden, covering how to choose the appropriate fertilizer, and how and when to apply them. They also take on common misconceptions and give practical advice you can put to use in your gardens, lawn and landscape.

Soil Amendments, Ground Nesting Bees, Mountain Laurel and Finishing Compost

Emma and Nate are joined by Dr. Becky Sideman to talk soil amendments, from building soil health and using compost and manure to trendy amendments like biochar and mycorrhizae.

Annual and Perennial Blooms, Cut Flower Gardens, and Foam Flower

Emma and Nate talk flower gardening, from design to selection to care and maintenance, with proven tips and solutions for bringing your yard and gardens to life.

Dealing with Nuisance Wildlife, Growing Garlic, Inkberry & Tree Guards

Emma and Nate explore how to deal with animals that can damage yards and gardens with proven tips and solutions.

Growing Cool Season Vegetables in your Spring Garden

Emma and Nate explore spring vegetable gardening so you can take full advantage of the cool months before last frost.

How to Start Seeds Successfully Indoors

Emma and Nate discuss the ins and outs of seed starting so you can open your gardening horizons to new crops, new varieties and earlier, better harvests.

Pruning, Topping & Staking Trees & Shrubs, plus Witch Hazel Appreciation

Emma and Nate discuss the often-counterintuitive science of pruning trees and shrubs, including benefits and techniques that will bring out the full potential of your landscape plantings.

Foliage Houseplants, Fertilizing, Cleaning Leaves, Aphids & ZZ Plant

Greenhouse Manager Nichole Keyes joins Emma and Nate for a conversation on choosing and caring for houseplants that will thrive in your home. They also share personal favorites, shopping tips and predictions for popular houseplants in 2021.

Planning Spring Vegetable Gardens (part 2), Container Gardening, Malabar Spinach & Staking Tomatoes

In this bonus episode, UNH Extension / NH Agricultural Experiment Station specialist, researcher & professor Becky Sideman, Emma and Nate continue to discuss seed catalogs and what information points to plants that’ll thrive in your garden. They cover organics, seed treatments, GMOs, disease resistance, container gardening, staking tomatoes, and growing Malabar spinach (Basella alba).

Planning Spring Vegetable Gardens, Soil Temperature, Nasturtiums & Fencing

UNH Researcher and Extension State Specialist Becky Sidemen joins Emma and Nate to share insights on selecting the right seed varieties and developing your garden plan. We'll also explain how (and why!) to get an accurate soil temperature, what to consider before buying fencing and why nasturtiums should be in your garden.

Growing Fruits Inside, Neem Oil, Passionflower and Broken Limbs

Emma and Nate discuss ins and outs of growing fruits indoors — from the challenge of yielding fruit from plants indoors year-round to growing tropical fruits indoors and outdoors

Indoor Herb Gardens Over Winter, Old Seeds, Safe Ice Removal and Borage

Emma and Nate share proven tips and solutions for all aspects of indoor herb gardening — from seed starting and care of newly purchased potted herbs to indoor/outdoor transitions and drying and cooking from your homegrown harvest.

Compost, Paperbark Maples & Victory Gardens

Nate and Emma discuss winter composting, the virtues of paper bark maple (Acer griseum), how COVID-19 impacted gardening, holiday gift plant care after the holidays and the fascinating history of Victory Gardens.