Supporting Animals and Sustaining the Land in the Backyard and on the Homestead

Livestock specialist Elaina Enzien joins Nate and Emma for a fascinating discuss keeping farm animals in your backyard. And Emma's featured plant is jimsonweed (Datura stramonium).

There’s been a noticeable increase in interest from landowners in backyard livestock, from laying hens to pigs and sheep. Whether you just have a little bit of outdoor space or a lot, incorporating animals may be a viable option – and undoubtedly many of you already have. While this episode is not a comprehensive how-to guide to raising backyard livestock, this conversation with UNH Extension dairy, livestock and forage field specialist Elaina Enzien weaves together an exciting array of topics relevant for raising animals on a small scale. After listening, you might be inspired to not only learn more and dig deeper, but bring some more animals onto your property. 
Join us on Saturday, September 25 at Wagon Hill Community Garden in Durham, NH for a workshop on using manure in the garden.
Background reading:
One correction: At one point in the episode, Elaina referred to cattle, goats and sheep as monogastrics. A listener pointed out that ruminants is a more accurate term - and he's absolutely right! So we're issuing this correction.