Managing Insect Pests in the Vegetable Garden, Ground Cherries and Choosing Your Battles

Emma and Nate are joined by Anna Wallingford to talk about insect pests in the vegetable garden including Colorado potato beetle, cutworms, squash vine borer, tobacco hornworm, aphids and more.
While insects are a part of every garden, and an important part at that, there are some insects that cause unacceptable damage to our plants and need to be managed as pests. In this episode of Granite State Gardening, UNH Extension’s Emma Erler and Nate Bernitz are joined by Anna Wallingford, host of the Overinformed on IPM podcast, to share proven tips and solutions for managing these insect pests with an integrated pest management approach. Anna has an uncanny ability to make pest management fun, and while she focuses on advising farmers, recording this episode was a unique opportunity to bring her expertise to gardeners. Anna shares unexpectedly interesting information about the lives these insects lead, and how understanding their life cycles and peculiarities can give gardeners a leg up in battling these garden foes. 
·         Featured Plant: Ground Cherries (Physalis pruinosa)
·         Closing Tip: Choosing your battles with pests in the garden
·         Garden IPM
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