Vines in Northeast Gardens and Landscapes

Emma and Nate explore the fascinating, beautiful and occasionally itchy world of vines, both those you might find in the wild and those you can cultivate for fruits and blooms.

At any particular time, a vine can be your worst nightmare or can steal the show in your garden. Vines are unruly by nature, growing in ways other plants simply can’t. Vines can serve many purposes, both aesthetically and even functionally such as softening and breathing life into the outside of otherwise pedestrian structures. Yet they’re largely underused in the garden and much maligned outside of cultivation. In this episode of Granite State Gardening, UNH Extension’s Emma Erler and Nate Bernitz explore the good, bad and always fascinating world of vines, beginning with the bad and transitioning to the oh so good. Enjoy, and brighten up our email inbox with your most beloved vines. And check out the resources below to dig in deeper on some of the topics we touch on.
·         Featured Plant: Cup and saucer vine (Cobaea scandens)
·         Fruitless wild grapes:
·         Growing kiwiberries:
·         University of Illinois resource on vines:
·         University of Maryland resource on vines:
Cover image by Lorianne DiSabato, under used under Creative Commons 2.0
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