Extending the season and overwintering garden veggies, winter sowing, lovage, and putting the garden to bed

Becky Sideman talks season extension and overwintering veggies, Emma Erler answers a question about winter sowing and frost seeding, and Nate Bernitz shares tips for putting the garden to bed.

No matter what scale you’re growing at, growing veggies later into the fall, and even through winter, may be easier than you think. There’s a spectrum of techniques, from using old sheets to installing a high tunnel and so much in between. Becky Sideman has spent years researching agricultural season extension and experimenting with season extension and overwintering strategies at a small scale, and shares those proven tips and solutions with us on this episode of Granite State Gardening.
  • Featured Question: Is winter sowing a shortcut to spring? 
  • Featured Plant: Lovage (Levisticum officinale
  • Closing Tip: Putting the garden to bed