Planning and Planting Your Home Fruit Tree Orchard, From Apples and Peaches to Pawpaw

Emma and Nate discuss planning a home fruit tree orchard, from selecting and preparing your orchard site to choosing varieties, planting and care of young trees. Pawpaw is the episode’s featured plant.

From stunning spring blooms to juicy and delicious fruit summer to fall, cultivating apples, pears, peaches, cherries and more is appealing to many New England gardeners and homesteaders. And while growing fruit trees isn’t necessarily easy, thoughtful planning can lead to healthier, more productive and lower maintenance trees for years to come. In this episode of Granite State Gardening, Emma Erler and Nate Bernitz talk about selecting and preparing your orchard site, choosing rootstock and varieties, planting, and care of young trees. The episode's featured plant is pawpaw (Asamina triloba). 
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