Supporting Birds In Your Yard and Garden, plus Bareroot Trees and Common Hackberry

Wildlife biologist Matt Tarr joins Emma and Nate for a conversation about supporting birds around the home. Emma also adds bonus segments on hummingbirds, bare root trees and the episode’s featured plant - common hackberry.

Supporting birds on your property goes well beyond putting up bird feeders, although they can be helpful and enjoyable. In this episode on supporting birds in your yard and garden, Matt Tarr, Emma Erler and Nate Bernitz talk about why birds need our help, how to assess your property and the needs of birds, and how to meet the needs of wild birds through landscaping choices and other strategies.
·         Featured Question: Which landscape plants are best for hummingbirds?
·         Featured Plant: Common hackberry (Celtis occidentalis)
·         Closing Tip: Purchasing Bare Root Trees
·         Listener Survey
·         Webinar: Hydroponics at Home
·         Webinar: Extending the Gardening Season
·         All About Nest Boxes
·         Winter Bird Feeding
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